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A Place In Time, Inc.!

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Since the death of my Son earlier this Year, I haven't
been updating this Web Page as I should have been. I will
try to start to do so, but until I get it to where it should be,
this page will be considered to be under construction.

Until I get this site up & running, please go to my eBay Store instead!
From there we have our items distributed into the following catagories
and the items in Blue are links to those Sections:

- Open Faced Pocket Watches
* Railroad Pocket Watches
* Pocket Watches With 21+ Jewels
* Niello Pocket Watches
* Open Faced Pocket Watches
* Pendant Watches

- Hunterís Cased Pocket Watches
* Pocket Watches With 21+ Jewels
* Key Wind Pocket Watches
* Engraved Cases
* Hunter's Cased Pocket Watches

- Antique Pocket Watch Chains

- Wall Clocks
* 1-W or Time Only Clock
* 2-W or Time & Strike Clock
* 3-W or Grande Sonnierie Clocks
* Long Running Clocks
* Spring Driven Wall Clocks

- Mantle Clocks
* Long Running Mantle Clocks
* Mantle Clocks

- Grand Father/Tall Case Clocks

- Antique Pocket Watch Fobs

- Other